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    Our products are based on so-called evidence-based medicine (also known as EBM). It is about the use of scientifically proven evidence, which the doctor evaluates as an appropriate way to care for patients. EBM uses up-to-date information that has not yet been anchored in traditional medicine. It is thus a treatment that uses innovative and at the same time proven effective approaches.

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      Czech Republic

      Our Team

      Radek Hlaváček

      One of the founding members of Unique Therapeutics, a Canadian company based in Ústí nad Labem, the city where Radek lived until he was 19 years old. As an immigrant he moved to Switzerland and later to Canada, where he has lived with his wife since 1991. He started cultivating cannabis and using the flowers and extracts of Cannabis for medical purposes in 2000 after obtaining his MMAR License (Marijuana Medical Access Regulations).

      Ivana Bednářová

      Ivana Bednářová has twenty years of experience in sales, marketing and public relations, having held senior positions in a number of international companies during her career. Within her own marketing and PR agency, she founded and led several successful projects related to healthy lifestyle and international certification of food supplements and food. A graduate of Anglo American University with a degree in Economics, she has three children and her hobbies include sports, travel and gastronomy.