Why is Unique unique?

As the name suggests, our company is UNIQUE mainly thanks to the products it has developed itself.

Liposomal NANO formulations are the clear choice in today’s medicinal cannabis market for anyone who requires accurate dosing, consistency, quick effectiveness and high bioavailability from the product.

The fact that our NANO formulations are always under 50 nm in size, and with a Zeta – 5 to – 10 MV, stability makes this product one-of-a-kind in this category on the current market.

The smallest size of NANO liposomes on the market

For the production of liposomal NANO formulations, particle size is always the main goal and therefore the controlling factor.

We use the Malvern ZETASIZER Nano -ZS for such measurements.

This device is the only one on the world market that can accurately measure particles from units of nanometers. In order for the measurement to be as accurate as possible, we set 10 measurements for each measurement, which contains another 10 measurements, i.e. the resulting particle size is the average of 100 x particle size measurements.

Zeta factor

The second important factor in the production of liposomal carriers is the stability of the solution, or “ZETA FACTOR”.

Its importance is crucial in manufacturing, without the strong electrical charge between individual particles, the particles would stick together and the liposomal formulation would disintegrate.

This measurement is carried out again already on the mentioned Malvern device. An electric charge in the range of -4 to -10 MV ensures the stability of the solution for a period of 48 months, when stored in a cold and dark place.

We are an approved supplier of medical cannabis products. Our company is purely Czech and is based in Ústí nad Labem. We focus on the Czech and international market.

We cooperate intensively with universities, pharmaceutical companies and state medical institutions.

We use nanoliposomal technology to produce our products with high bioavailability and speed of action. This sets our products apart from most commercially available cannabis products.

We organise educational events (online and live) on the effects of cannabis for professionals and the general public.

The composition of our products is inspired by evidence-based medicine.

We were the first in the world to offer cannabis products in liposomal form. We are an approved importer of medicines by the Anvisa institution for Brazil (equivalent to the State Drug Control Office).

Based on scientific

Our products are based on Evidence-Based Medicine (also known as EBM), which is the use of scientifically validated evidence that a physician evaluates as the appropriate way to care for patients. EBM uses current information that has not yet been anchored in traditional medicine. It is thus a treatment that uses innovative yet proven effective approaches.


Our Laboratories

The development and production of hemp products is concentrated in a modern production complex in Ústí nad Labem, where the company's headquarters are located. We work with state-of-the-art equipment with an emphasis on the quality and efficiency of the final products.

We treat with cannabis
over 10 years

Together with our partners, we have created over 30 brands of cannabis products on the market. We have launched more than 2,150,000 daily doses on the Czech market.

Our Bisaliv product line (distributed in Brazil) is the only one based on nanoliposomal technology in cannabis treatment. This technology enables the best results and action of therapeutic products with high bioavailability and speed of action.

Flight we treat with cannabis
Dosage contains 1 litre of Hemp Nano liposome
Daily doses we have already launched
IV intravenous administration (in research phase) 0
Liposomal Nano Cannabinoids 0
Inhalation using Vape Pens and approved inhalers (approx.) 0
Smoking the Cannabis flower 0
Hemp oils, pills, gelatin candies (approx.) 0

Source: lyphe.com/bioavailability-and-cannabis

Our Team

Radek Hlaváček

One of the founding members of Unique Therapeutics, a Canadian company based in Ústí nad Labem, the city where Radek lived until he was 19 years old. As an immigrant he moved to Switzerland and later to Canada, where he has lived with his wife since 1991. He started cultivating cannabis and using the flowers and extracts of Cannabis for medical purposes in 2000 after obtaining his MMAR License (Marijuana Medical Access Regulations)...1

Ivana Bednářová

vana Bednářová has twenty years of experience in sales, marketing and public relations, having held senior positions in a number of international companies during her career. Within her own marketing and PR agency, she founded and led several successful projects related to healthy lifestyle and international certification of food supplements and food. A graduate of Anglo American University with a degree in Economics, she has three children and her hobbies include sports, travel and gastronomy.

Ranjit S. Bhardwaj

Ranjit S. Bhardwaj has specialized in cellular and molecular pathology after studying biomedical sciences in the fields of immunology, immunobiology of cancer, and regenerative medicine. For over 40 years, he has been studying the role of phytomedicine in bridging ancient and modern medicine, including the manufacturing of Polyherbal Metabolite Compounds (PHMC) from medicinal cannabis and herbs. He works as a CEO, shareholder, and adviser in biotech and pharma companies, developing therapeutics for diseases such as diabetes-2 and diabetes-1, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), skin inflammatory indications, insomnia, and depression.

Liam Duff

As Head of Science and Technology at Unique Therapeutics, Liam is responsible for the development, testing, manufacturing and compliance of our product manufacturing processes as well as day-to-day operations. IP and technology are at the core of our company Unique Therapeutics and Liam is responsible for ensuring we stay on the cutting edge of the most effective ways to deliver cannabinoids into the body and ensuring our quality is the best it can be.